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Relution is an Enterprise App Store, App Lifecycle Management, Release Automation & Mobile Device Management solution for companies of all sizes.

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Everything you need for your Enterprise Mobility Management

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App Lifecycle Management

Staging, Versioning and approval for native and hybrid apps with feedback from your crash reporting tools.
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Enterprise App Store

Empower employees, partners and externals with your enterprise apps through your own app store.
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App Release Automation

Easily setup development environments. Connect Git, Continuous Deployment tools and sign iOS apps without XCode.
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Mobile Device Management

Enroll & manage smartphones & tablets. Apply restrictions, configurations and monitor devices. Make use of Apple DEP & VPP.
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Kiosk Mode

Single or multi app Android Kiosk Mode for healthcare, industry and point of sales even for shared devices.
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Enterprise App Development

We use ready made components to develop great enterprise apps which suit your needs.
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Everything you need to manage your Internet of Things

Smart Beacon Management

Design custom location based solutions with our unique BLE Mesh networking technology.
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Internet of Things Platform

A platform to manage your IoT devices, design, analyze and secure your business case.
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Developing SmartBeacon solutions

Develop your own business case with the Relution platform and Relution SmartBeacon test kit.
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