Relution EMM Suite –
Available as Software as a Service (SaaS) and On-Premise

Choose between on-premise installations of Relution within your IT infrastructure or use the Relution cloud. Both deployment options offer the same functionalities.

Relution in the Cloud

Relution Cloud (SaaS)

Relution Cloud makes the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Suite ready in just minutes. There is no infrastructure or employee investment required.

Relution on premises

Relution On-Premise

Set up your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Suite independently and take complete control of the installation on your own infrastructure.

Flexible Deployment Options for Your Needs.

Factor SaaS On-Premise
Use Use Unrestricted scalability without the need for additional hardware. Unlimited scalability through clustering capability and additional hardware.
Implementation Implementation Fastest implementation through direct access to the Relution Cloud. Fast implementation by ensuring compatibility with all major operating systems (Windows, Linux) and low software requirements. Detailed requirements documentation can be found in the Relution Help Center.
Security Security Data is stored in the secure, enterprise-ready Relution Cloud. Data is configured and stored in the secure client infrastructure. No data is stored outside of your own infrastructure.
Architecture Architecture High availability and disaster recovery configurations are implemented. Structure is based on your Relution installation requirements, the configuration of devices and the size of user population.
Network Network If necessary, pre-configured networks seamlessly integrate with your network system. Firewall and Proxy configuration for the network system setup is required. Detailed requirements can be found in the Relution Help Center.
Integration Integration Integrate the Relution dedicated Cloud into the corporate network over VPN. Directly integrable with LDAP/AD systems, APIs, Exchange/ActiveSync Servers and Firewall configurations.
Upgrades Upgrades Automatic software upgrades and maintenance checks included. The timing of upgrades depends on the Relution release schedule and selected operating or manufacturer updates.
Support Support Data centers and support teams are available. Patches, Upgrades and Tests will be performed by the Relution team. Relution Professional Service and Support Teams are available as an option.
Costs Costs Maintenance, upgrades and support are included in the monthly subscription rate. Minor upgrades and patches are included in the annual maintenance fee.

Mobile Device & App Management with Relution

Completely free up to 10 users. Fully featured. Unlimited time. No payment information required.

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