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Mobilize your business processes and impress your employees and customers with Mobile Business Apps and Enterprise Software from Relution – making data from your existing systems (SAP, Microsoft and others) visible and usable for your mobile users.

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Secure Communication with a Mobile Business App for Workplaces

As a web-based set of apps within the secure Relution App Container, a mobile business app for workplaces allows secure, reliable communications between employees even on their own devices (BYOD). Since critical data cannot leave the app container, it is irrelevant what other apps and services you use on your mobile device. A mobile business app for workplaces provides the following functions:

  • a company-wide, central address book that makes all important contacts available to employees
  • a calendar in which business appointments can be comfortably planned and distributed
  • a secure enterprise chat, through which short messages and document links can be sent to colleagues
  • a secure email client that enables business emails to be read, composed and forwarded.

Mobile CRM with Relution Business Apps

Sales representatives need customer contract information and contact details to be constantly available. The scope of current office CRM systems often makes them confusing and cumbersome to use. Such barriers makes employees use such systems only reluctantly and rarely. The Relution Mobile CRM is a business app that ensures efficient, quick and easy access to the CRM system from anywhere.

The pace of doing business in the field is continuously increasing which means that employees are becoming ever more reliant on clever and easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. This growing rate forces field teams to achieve a higher degree of flexibility. In this situation, the mobilization of their business workflows through mobile business apps or enterprise software provides a distinct competitive advantage.

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Mobilize the decision making process with the Relution Approval Business App

The Relution Approval Business App enables decision-making from anywhere, provides a picture of SAP workflows and increases the efficiency of the decision-making process. Decisions are no longer lost in general email traffic, but are specifically visualized and prioritized.

Safely make documents available everywhere

Finally your documents are safe and available everywhere. Securely provide internal documents to your users through the secure Relution Mobile Business App Container.

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