Android Kiosk Mode

The restricted workspace for Android devices locks down the entire device to one or multiple apps of your choice. This means that the device home screen is replaced with the Relution launcher and limits user access to select apps and settings. This prevents users depending on its configuration from changing device settings, installing apps or accessing websites.

Relution Mobile Device Management Kiosk Mode

Relution Kiosk Mode

For safe, uncompromisable devices, a small selection of apps is often all that is needed. The Relution Kiosk Mode for almost all Android devices provides a secure, simple user interface so that casual users can concentrate on the essentials. Disable all unnecessary functions like settings, the notification bar, navigation bar and unneeded apps.

Save time and money

The reduced functionality means the users need a lot less support. Administrators can concentrate on other important tasks because users can’t inadvertently change settings and configurations.

Full integration in MDM

All  Relution MDM functions can be used over the air, e.g.:

  • Receive device information
  • Check the compliance state
  • Execute actions like lock, wipe or reset password
  • Apply configurations, policies and automated rules
  • Learn more about Relution MDM
Relution Partner Samsung Silver

Relution’s partnership with Samsung allows us to provide high-security features with Samsung Knox SDK and additional extra features for kiosk environments, like silent app updates in the background, disabling system and navigation bars and deactivation of hardware buttons.


Especially for solutions at Point of Sale (POS) in retail environments or on the road, you can add your own wallpapers or logos to the devices’ home and lock screens in order to strengthen your brand and achieve better brand identification.


Locate lost or stolen devices or use geolocation to monitor transportation workflows. This feature can be deactivated in strong privacy use cases.

Enable apps and roll out updates

Install apps and app updates over the air on all devices and groups of devices. The connected Relution Enterprise App Management lets you control the full app lifecycle from development to rollout.


Users get instant notifications sent by the administrator or the system, so they can always stay informed and compliant with all company policies.

Feature overview

  • Single-app mode
  • Multi-app mode
  • Multi-user mode
  • App updates (silently on Samsung devices)
  • Fully managed with MDM
  • Compliance view for users
  • Locate devices
  • Remote lock/wipe
  • Enterprise App Store on demand

Perfect for

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Industry
  • Construction
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Retail
  • Point of Sales
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment & Advertising

The One and Only Solution for Enterprise Mobility—Kiosk Mode in Android with Relution

Completely free up to 10 users. Fully featured. Unlimited time. No payment information required.

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