Relution Product Update: Automatic iOS App Re-Signing and Upload to MobileIron and AirWatch

We are constantly looking at how we can build automated workflows and system integrations into our platform to reduce manual processes for IT, app owners and developers. The main goal is to give you back valuable time to focus on important technology initiatives and strategic decisions.

We are now excited to present you two new great features which have been requested by many of our customers.

  • Automatic re-signing of iOS apps
  • Automatic upload of apps to your MobileIron or AirWatch server

Automatic iOS app re-signing

The signing of iOS apps is always a very time-consuming and error-prone process. Wrong certificates or provisioning profiles take time to fix. This also applies to having to sign every new app version delivered by developers. We’ve therefore created the Relution Signing Service which allows setting up automatic re-signing whenever a new app version is uploaded. This is independent of the signature used. Once you have set up your Apple developer account in Relution and uploaded your Enterprise or other certificate, Relution will handle the rest and your re-signing problems are gone. Learn more

How to use Relution automatic re-signing

Automatic upload of apps to MobileIron 

Additionally, we integrated a connection to the commonly-used MobileIron MDM server. In a scenario where a company manages all enterprise-app-related topics with Relution (e.g. versioning, automated signing, approval processes, etc.) it is now possible to automatically upload an app to MobileIron based on a pre-defined trigger, for example, when the app is released. Afterwards, it can be deployed to managed mobile devices from MobileIron. All that is needed is to define the connection to your MobileIron Connected Cloud or Core Server as well as the trigger when an app should be uploaded, and Relution handles the rest. You can even apply your MobileIron labels to your app to fully automate the release and delivery process of enterprise apps. The same feature is available for AirWatch servers. Learn more

How to configure automatic upload of native apps from Relution to MoibleIron

To get to know all other new features, have a look at our weekly updated Changelog.

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