From Enterprise Mobility to the Internet of Things

In 2014 Relution was introduced to the market as an Enterprise Mobility Platform for businesses. The uniqueness of the platform was and is the combination of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile App Management (MAM) capabilities. Relution proved to be a tool that is highly capable of managing all kind of different hardware in the mobile space. Relution also proved to be outstanding in managing software in different use cases. So for many clients, Relution has become a relevant enterprise mobility platform and a universal tool to manage their mobile hardware and software.

At the dawn of the internet of things IoT we identified our next challenge. With all this knowledge and experience in the mobile enterprise space, we decided to come up with something new. Two years ago we decided to get into the game and began to build our own IoT platform.
We chose to take Relution as a blueprint and adapt the platform to create a new type of tool. Our main objective was again to manage different types of hardware and software, but now in the space of the Internet of things. IoT is a vast area and we wanted to focus and to start with one thing and make this as good as possible. So we decided to build the best B2B smart beacon management system around. This was the birth of BlueRange.

Bluerange Logo

Today we want to introduce you to BlueRange – our end-to-end smart beacon platform. The platform allows business to digitize their physical space. The final frontier in the digital transformation. Bluerange provides organizations with all components necessary:

  • Firmware for a powerful BLE mesh
  • SaaS web console to manage beacons and use cases
  • Mesh Beacons, Asset Beacons, and MeshGateways.

With BlueRange, you are able to dive into other levels of use cases, linked to physical space:

  • Asset Tracking – the indoor positioning of assets inside your site. Track and Trace any asset, equipped with a beacon, and maintain an overview.
  • Access Management – manage access rights and permissions or restrictions on your site. Get rid of other forms of identification such as identity cards and passwords.
  • The variety of use cases is practically unlimited and always adapts to the circumstances.
  • The BlueRange firmware is OpenSource, so you can develop your ideas easy and fast. Of course, we will help you to integrate our software into your hard- and software solutions. Retrofitting or a new design, Bluerange helps to digitalize your devices and machines.

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