Creating Great Enterprise Apps on Top of the Relution Platform

Relution is the end-to-end enterprise mobility management software to mobilize your business processes and data—not only with its device and app management, but also with ready-made components for enterprise app development.

We design and develop mobile enterprise apps and services of real purpose of companies and align to the needs of employees and processes. Our team can make use of this great technologies to create professional enterprise apps for your use case. Full data and backend integration allow even the most difficult app concepts to be achieved in time and budget. Learn more

Make Use of Advanced Mobile Services and SDKs

Icon Developer Platform


  • JavaScript cross-platform app and back-end development
  • Runtime environment for backend & apps
  • Supports popular IDEs
  • Offline support through synchronization
  • Continuous data consistency
  • Modular and scalable
  • Secure with SSL and Single-Sign-On
  • ACL role-based access
Icon Integration


  • LDAP/Active Directory
  • SAP, Microsoft, Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • REST & SOAP Web Services
  • PKI
  • REST interface
Icon Management


  • Manage mobile devices and apps on same platform
  • User management with LDAP, AD and Single Sign-On
  • System monitoring, analytics and reporting
  • Timed control of processes
  • API management
  • Multi-tenancy
Icon Deployment Cloud


  • Docker, Linux, Windows, AWS, Azure
  • Clustering capabilities
  • Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Business apps available
  • Continuous delivery
  • White-label support

Ready-Made Components and Services We Use for Enterprise App Development

Distribute the right app to the right user with Relution.

Apps & data everywhere

The Relution platform connects the boardroom to the show floor by closing the gap between backend systems and mobile devices. The following connectors are part of enterprise apps developed on top of the Relution platform: Web services (REST, SOAP), SAP Connector, Groupware Connector (like MS Exchange), and Databases (like MongoDB, SQL).

Mobile services made easy

Extend mobile apps using different pre-defined mobile service such as push services, SMS and asset management. Relution provides data synchronization to ensure data consistency between mobile apps and the backend systems. For instance, offline user activities are cached in the mobile app. Once the device goes back online, apps smartly and efficiently synchronizes the changes made on both ends. The synchronization process can be fully customized to fit the application and data type in use.

Easily integrate mobile backend services with Relution.
Security and monitoring with Relution.

Security and monitoring

Relution provides a variety of security standards for authentication, authorization and provisioning purposes.
This makes the communication between users and enterprise IT systems efficient and safe:

  • LDAP, Active Directory
  • SSL
  • Kerberos
  • SSO
  • Certificates

SDKs for developing and distributing hybrid and native apps

Take advantage of the seamless integration of multiple mobile enterprise solutions such as the Brackets SDK and plugins like Jenkins. External developers can integrate their HTML5, iOS or Android projects with Relutions Backend as a Service, too. Relution organizes all necessary access rights for app management both for source code and binary packages.

Relution integrates with Brackets SDK, Jenkins Plugin and other services.
Relution Architecture and Releases.


Discover what’s possible with the Relution platform. Find out how Relution works by learning from examples and case studies. Read more details about its architecture and releases. Documentation

Increase Employee Productivity by Unleashing the Power of Enterprise Mobility

Relution provides access to the backend structure without a network connection.

Access data anywhere and anytime—even with flaky network connections.

Relution is structured as a mobile middleware server providing interfaces to enable access to enterprise backend infrastructure and data from a mobile application even in the absence of network coverage, increasing efficiency and transparency.

Enterprise Mobility Management: mobilization of business processes

Smartphones have profoundly changed the way we use data. Moreover, they have enormously increased the demand for modern and easy-to-use apps. Large, complex PC applications have become obsolete; small and smart solutions are now required. The Relution Enterprise Mobility Management platform provides the ideal foundation for mobilizing business processes.

Mobilizing business processes with Relution.
Relution integrates data from SAP, Exchange or Salesforce.

Integration of enterprise IT

ERP systems, mail servers, CRM solutions—many established IT systems exist in companies today that provide important data used on mobile devices, or where mobile usage would be highly desirable. Shopping requirements in SAP SRM? Appointments in Exchange? Customer data in Salesforce? With Relution you can easily and securely display and edit data from these systems on mobile devices.

The same user experience on all devices

Relution allows for fast development and deployment of cross-platform apps, thanks to HTML5 and Javascript. With low development costs, processes and data are being integrated, distributed and updated in a matter of seconds. Due to the built-in Sync Engine, there are no data inconsistencies, as all changes are made in real-time and in the correct system. Offline scenarios are therefore also easy to implement.

Cross-platform apps can be developed and deployed using Relution.
Use Relution Business Apps to improve business workflow and processes.

Relution Business Apps

Not only does Relution support the development of your own apps, it also offers many “out of the box” smart apps that help make mobile workers more productive. Document clients, workflow tools, or mobile CRM solutions—Relution is equipped for many business scenarios. More information.

Return on investment

Only apps with a high adoption rate are good apps, so they have to provide measurable efficiency and quality advantages to the user. This ensures lower costs, higher customer satisfaction and a rapid return on investment.

Increasing the return on investment through Relution.

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