Mobile Device Management with Relution for Education

The digital classroom concept: Digitalization in education is progressing in leaps and bounds. Lessons can hardly be imagined without mobile devices, apps and suitable content anymore. Relution for Education supports you with the introduction and management of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, apps and secure access.

Challenges in the Digital Classroom

The use of mobile devices in schools, universities and other educational institutions promises new possibilities for a better education—the amount of such devices is increasing steadily. Special requirements for schools and institutions arise from the introduction of tablets and smartphones in the classroom,  due to the personalized (not institutional) concept of these devices as conceived by the manufacturer. On the one hand, a central administration solution contradicts this original concept, and on the other hand it is key to solving the problems connected with the deployment of these devices.

In enterprises these kind of solutions are already established for a longer time. Efforts mainly grow from the configuration of devices, distribution of software and the provision of data and documents. Additional challenges arise, if not only devices which are owned by the institution but also private devices need to be integrated in this context.

Relution can manage devices in the digital classroom as shown here with school children and a tablet computer.
Relution Mobile Device Management Kiosk Mode for Education.

Use Cases and required functionality

1. Devices owned by the school or institution and used by students based on the learning situation, e.g. a set of class tablets. Recommended software feature: Tablets in so called Kiosk Mode, which restricts a tablet to one or more apps.

2. User-bound devices, which are provided by the institution and leased or permanently borrowed.
Recommended software features: device management, restrictions, app delivery, access to networks and e-mail, monitoring, simple enrolment.

3. Personally owned devices, so called Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), which are equipped differently.
Recommended software feature: School-specific app store for the provisioning of selected app, an app request functionality with an app approval process and app license management.

Management of mobile devices in the digital classroom

Classic PC rooms, media corners and library computers are still a good first step for digitalization and probably won’t disappear in the near future. But with the increase of internet based mobile learning and working, the desire to use content on tablets and smartphones becomes a necessity. Before you can introduce these devices, adequate management processes have to be established, to cover the most important scenarios.

Relution manages mobile devices in the classroom.

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School children in the digital classroom can work with devices managed through Relution.

Mobile infrastructure under control

Relution for Education enables schools, universities and institutions to introduce an efficient IT infrastructure for mobile devices. With this infrastructure, students and teacher are able to access modern learning apps and multimedia content. Additionally, administrators can configure policies, which are monitored in real time. For example, if the usage of specific apps has to be restricted, Relution can force and monitor this requirement. Other examples are support cases where a required app is deleted or if the user forgot his password—here, the administrator can easily intervene and solve the problem.

Relution for Education, together with its partners,  leads to a better utilization of investments in modern educational programs, lower IT management costs and raised efficiency in IT processes—a well-engineered solution capable of multi-tenancy, the ability to easily manage mobile devices for classes, schools, institutions and districts.

Teach children how to safely use their smartphone

Learn more about our family oriented solutions. Extending Relution for Education to the family, the familee app helps parents to teach children how to safely and reasonably use their smartphones and tablets.

Learn more about familee App

The Familee App for learning how to safely use a smartphone.

Advantages of Relution for Education

  • Easy integrated management of Android, iOS and Windows devices
  • Obtain device details, installed apps, GPS position and more
  • Deploy policies and restrictions
  • Restrict app usage based on classroom scenarios
  • Monitor compliance states
  • Install and delete apps
  • Simple configurations of secure accesses to e-mail, VPN, WiFi and more
  • Deployment as Software as a Service or as on-premise installation

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Completely free up to 10 users. Fully featured. Unlimited time. No payment information required.

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