Relution SmartBeacon Management Platform.
Are You Ready for the Services Revolution?

The Relution Beacon Management Platform lets you take your business to the next level and
implement location based solutions quickly and easily. Our unique BLE Mesh networking technology provides a new level of capabilities.

Beacon Management

News: From Enterprise Mobility to IoT

We've grouped all our Relution activities in the Internet of Things (IoT) space into a new product called BLUERANGE.

Relution SmartBeacon Management. Problem Solved with Beacons.

Beacon Management

Why Relution for beacon management?

Relution SmartBeacon Management leverages the Relution platform and BlueRange:

  • Supports Offline Smartphones
  • Multi-tenancy out-of-the-box
  • Active management & live monitoring of all devices
  • Automatic OTA distribution of firmware & apps
  • Exact timing for your campaigns, per beacon on/off control
  • Built-in heat map generation
  • A comprehensive software stack with easy integration
  • Relution contains everything needed for your beacon projects
  • Relution is proven across many industries

Open source protocol

Our Open Source Implementation of BLE Mesh Protocol based on BLE 4.1 specification:

  • We believe in openness, therefore we open-sourced our protocol.
  • Because of our over-the-air software update capabilities, our beacons can run any existing protocols like iBeacon™, UriBeacon and Eddystone™ as well as any future protocols.
  • Use it for your product ideas.
  • Take your existing Smart Home as an intelligent hub of/ to our SmartBeacons.
  • Build your own prototypes with our next generation of SmartBeacons or use our BlueRange software to program and configure your existing beacons.
Smart Beacons

SmartBeacon hardware

Industry-grade, maintenance-free Beacons for a hassle-free experience:

  • Our SmartBeacon Gateway connects the beacons to your network (edge device)
  • SmartBeacons are “online”—for better manageability and integration
  • Full support for offline smartphones (roaming/indoors)
  • Full control over the Hardware Firmware Stack makes our Beacons more reliable and more efficient than any other solution on the market.
  • We design and manufacture special PCBs to for best frequency bandwidth usage.
  • Manage the tradeoffs between antenna signal, advertising intervals and power consumption and adjust to your needs.
  • Trust our work—dig deep into our design thanks to our Open Source Beacon Software Stack.

SmartBeacon Management: Order Your SmartBeacon Test Kit Now!

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