Automate Your App Production and Release Pipeline

Manage the app development lifecycle with Relution! Provide your developers with standardized Git repositories and easily integrate your continuous integration tools for quick app delivery. Sign your enterprise apps fully automated without the need of development tools and publish them automatically to MobileIron.

Development Hub: on-board developers & vendors

Ensure a consistent app supply through a central point of app development. Different app suppliers, whether internal or external, supply apps and code through different channels. This results in a higher-than-necessary need for coordination and to secure intellectual property. By implementing a central provision of development environments for all developers and app suppliers both can be achieved. With one click you can provide a Git repository in GitLab or AWS CodeCommit and a build job in Nevercode, GitLab CI or Jenkins for your developers. Support for other Git providers and continuous integration tools on request. Contact us!

Relution Development Hub
Relution App Signing

Fully automated app re-signing without developer tools

The signing process of apps, especially for iOS is error prone and inefficient. With the Relution App Re-Signing Service your IT and app owners can sign or re-sign apps with the correct certificate without giving out the credentials to every developer. The ease with which resigning occurs through Relution greatly reduces the risk of broken apps due to expired licences. You can even fully automate the re-signing process for every new app version uploaded to Relution.

Spend your time more effectively by automating signing processes.

Integrate CI, CD, Git and your own tools

Plugins and interfaces for important app development tools are available to ensure optimal integration into the app development process:

  • The Relution Publisher is a plugin for the Continuous Integration (CI) tool Jenkins and supports automatic uploads to Relution
  • Nevercode is one of the best continuous integration platforms for mobile pros and publishes apps directly and automatically to Relution
  • The Relution platform is fully RESTified, which enables every software out there to use every Relution feature available in the Relution portal. Contact us for more information.
Relution ist integriert mit Jenkins, GitLab und Nevercode
Relution App Signing

Automatic app publishing to MobileIron and more

Relution enables organizations to fully automate their app production pipeline. In a scenario where you use Relution for your full app lifecycle management and a different Mobile Device Management like MobileIron you can define automatic release steps and go-live dates for apps after which the approved app is automatically deployed to MobileIron including your MobileIron labels.

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