Mobile App Lifecycle Management

Relution is the easy-to-use and time-saving solution for mobile app lifecycle management for enterprises and small teams. Have an app inventory, control versions of all your apps, manage permissions and create approval workflows. Afterwards distribute your apps through the Enterprise App Store or Mobile Device Management (MDM).

App distribution through your private app store

Use your own Enterprise App Store so that employees, customers and partners have access to your latest apps at all times and receive update notifications. The familiar app store concept integrates smoothly with the daily workflow. App owners and app store managers control everything via the Relution portal or the Relution apps. Employees use the app store comfortably from within the Relution app (available on Google Play or the Apple App Store).

Relution supports all types of device ownership like BYOD (bring your own device ) or COPE (corporate-owned, personally enabled). By branding the app store using your corporate design you achieve a high level of acceptance among staff and partners. The Relution app store will increase productivity by providing a central storage and access location for all your apps making it easy to find the app you need.

Relution Enterprise App Management with Enterprise App Store
Relution central app management and app store

Central app administration portal

The administrator easily manages all enterprise apps through a single management console in the browser. All types of apps can be added and managed:

  • Native apps for iOS, Android & Windows Phone (.ipa, .apk & .appx)
  • Apps from public stores like Google Play, the Apple App Store or Windows Store
  • Weblinks to internal and external URLs

Access control, versioning & staging

With the right apps for the right people, you can achieve higher productivity and prevent damage from unintended app access. Different versions of an app can be made available to different user groups. The history of each app is automatically documented. Each app version has its own status, such as productive, review or development. Access is also simplified by connecting to existing user management systems such as LDAP or Active Directory.

Distribute different app versions with Relution
Define and manage your own app approval process with Relution

Highest app quality with an app approval process

Relution contains a customizable, granular app approval process and provides a complete audit trail—all relevant data in one place. The steps, conditions and assignees to final approval can be modified according to your company’s needs.

Manage meta data

Comprehensive meta information such as descriptive texts, changelogs or screenshots are available for each app. Relution also automatically syncs the metadata of apps from public stores for publicly available apps.

Easily add meta information to an app with Relution
Define FAQs for your Relution app management users

Save time and reduce stress on support

Make things easier for your help desk and support team by providing FAQ and other support information inside the Relution app. You can do this easily using the administration portal. By indicating, for instance, the solutions to the most frequently asked questions right in the FAQ section of the app, your help desk will be able to concentrate on the more intricate problems and provide stellar customer support!

ROI through app management

Since staff won’t lose time looking for an app or its most up-to-date version by asking colleagues, skimming through their email, the company intranet or by troubling the IT department, overall productivity is increased. The cost of integrating Relution in your enterprise will be recouped quickly and a positive return on investment can be achieved.

Relution helps increase to return on investment
Relution crash reporting

Crash reporting

Relution integrates crash reporting features of established players like HockeyApp and Apteligent. As long as the app is managed through Relution all data about app crashes and bugs are collected and displayed in the app section of Relution. Since every crash is listed on the crash reporting page, it becomes easy to scan the issues in order to prioritize them and then rework the app.

App Release Automation

Learn more about Relution’s App Release Automation features. Developers can connect their tools for automatic app upload to Relution, automatic app re-signing and distribution to Mobile Device Management software.

Go to App Release Automation

Relution combines and integrates features for app release automation

Relution Integrates with the Best

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Deployment as Software as a Service or as on-premise installation

Choose between an on-premise installation or use Relution in the cloud. Relution can be used flexibly either within your own IT infrastructure or completely separate from it on our secure Relution servers. Both deployment options provide the same functionality.

When you opt for the cloud you can start using Relution instantly. You do not have to worry about maintenance and updates nor do you have to invest your employee’s valuable time to manage the backend.

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